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Destiny’s Child once famously sang “say my name, say my name” – and if you thought that was a song about cheating, you’re wrong. Bey and gang might have pretended that they wanted bae to say their name to prove there was nobody else at the crib getting jiggy, but really it was because they were just egomaniacs who loved hearing and seeing their own names. In fact, we all do, which is why I think personalised gifts are such a winning way to go this Valentine’s Day.

(Okay I might be wrong about the song, but I’m definitely right about this.)

(Also I’m sorry about the “getting jiggy” but I’m 27 now.)

If you read my recent post on things your girlfriend really wants this V Day, you’ll know that I listed personalised or photo gifts as my fifth and final suggestion for ways to woo your significant other this Feb 14th. For me, a personalised pressie is the ideal way to show you’ve put in a bit of effort – but it really doesn’t have to break the bank, either.

Below I’ve included my favourite gifts from Prezzybox that all have customisable details, and start at under £10.Prezzy Box Valentines Gifts

Tile Cushion | Gold Mesh Watch | Pizza My Heart Mug | Cupid’s Arrow Keyring | Disc Necklace | Lindor Chocolate Tree

Whether you go for their name, the date you got together or even just a particular lyric or phrase that means something to you both, this added bit of thought is bound to be a hit.

Of course, if your partner is really Mr or Mrs Unsentimental then maybe avoid going down the personalised route (especially because that’s a really long name and sometimes you pay by the letter HEEHEE). My other personal favourite sort of gift is an experience present, which Prezzybox also have plenty of. Me and my boyfriend recently enjoyed the Three Course Meal at Zizzi*, which was lovely – and who doesn’t love a date night? Of course the dream situation would have been a mix of both, and my name would have been written in peppers on my pizza. But we can’t have it all, even on Valentine’s… (SULK).

What would you love to receive this V Day? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Eloise January 31, 2018 / 8:16 pm

    I really hope someone gets me that chocolate tree! xx

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