5 Fashion Problems Short Girls Face

At 5′ and 5’2 respectively, it’s no secret that Lauren and I are the real life Little Women (minus all of the death and poverty and being American etc…) For the most part we quite like running around people’s ankles like yappy little dogs, but there are some things that make being below average height BLOODY ANNOYING…

1. The oversized trend is simply wasted on us. Boyfriend coats don’t look chic and androgynous, they look like this:

Petite 1

2. Similarly, the sports luxe trend had to be dealt with carefully. High tops and joggers may make you taller ladies look like Beyonce, but we had to skulk around the back alleys in case someone thought we were Year 9s wagging PE and called the truancy officer on us.

3. We can buy things from the kids’ section, which is good because they sometimes fit better AND they’re cheaper. However, we run the risk of a) looking like a massive tit when someone catches us holding it up against ourselves to judge the length, or b) accidentally buying something a butterfly on it.

4. We didn’t get to take advantage of the mid-heel coming back into fashion. While taller friends got to party the night away smugly in their new comfy slingbacks, we remained hobbling around in our six-inch heels that we have to wear in order to be able to see over the bar. Not. Fair.

5. Thigh-high boots? More like vagina-high boots. Good luck with that chafing.

Can any of you petite ladies relate to the above? Share your own short girl fashion problems below!

How Your Blog Can Help You Get a Job


Hiya kids! Today’s post is something completely different, and it starts with one exciting announcement: I HAVE A NEW JOB. And not just any old job; I have landed, and believe me that I’m not exaggerating, my dream job. In a couple of weeks, I’ll be starting in a PR role at a well-known cosmetics company, and I couldn’t be any happier. Firstly, a part of the reason I’m telling you all this because I’m SO EXCITED and basically want to tell the whole world (even the woman in Greggs was nearly told when I first found out). But also, I know for a fact that there’s no way I would have got this amazing opportunity if it wasn’t for this little blog of ours. I know, WEIRD, EH?!

I therefore decide to put my recent experience to use and write this post explaining the ways in which I think a blog can help you bag the perfect job. Whether you’re actively job hunting and don’t know whether your blog is worth mentioning, a student who’s planning their future career, or just wondering how your blog can help you in the wider world, hopefully you’ll find something useful in here. So, how did my blog help me get my job, and how can yours help you?

It Makes You Stand Out

We all known that job hunting is HARD, and it’s important to try to make your CV stand out from other applicants. One of the most basic benefits of having a blog is that it helps to set you apart from your fellow candidates. Not only does it make you look like a legit person who has a real hobby other than ‘reading, socialising and breathing oxygen’, but it also gives potential new employees something that they can look at as a physical example of your work. Which brings me smoothly onto my next point…

It Showcases Your Skills

The majority of us love blogging so much that we don’t actually realise how much work we really put into them, or what skills we’re developing along the way. Along with the obvious writing and creative skills you’re putting to use, having a blog will probably also mean that you’re familiar with basic HTML, can use social media to promote yourself, have used analytics software and have formed professional relationships with brands – and that’s to name only a few. It’s important to recognise how much you actually do as part of this hobby, and identify which skills can be transferred into the job role you’re going after

It Shows You Know and LOVE the Industry

This one was particularly relevant for me. I was actually completely under qualified for the job I went for, and know for a fact that it was this blog that piqued the employer’s interest in me.  It’s one thing to go for an interview and tell them how passionate you are about fashion or beauty – it’s another to really prove it. Having a blog that you have worked on independently, in your own time, for no reason other than that you genuinely enjoy it, is worth so much.

As well as showing that you really are interested, it also (hopefully) shows that you understand the industry, are up-to-date with what is going on in it, and are also a part of that industry in your own right. As a blogger, you’re likely to have connections with hundreds of other bloggers as well as PRs – and this is also something that works in your favour when trying to join a company.

It Shows You Have a Personality

Putting aside all of my above points, don’t feel like your blog should primarily act as an online portfolio. While it’s great for it to showcase your slick writing skills and flair for photography, it’s also true that employers do want well-rounded individuals and a blog can be a way for them to get a feel for who really are. Admittedly when I knew that my soon-to-be-employer had read my blog, I went into a mild panic. Did she read the post where I said I wanted to punch all of my colleagues in the face?  Or the one where I called myself a bellend? If she did though, then it obviously didn’t put her off; and it also meant that I went to my interview knowing that, despite my uber-professional demeanour, they also had a rough idea who I was as a person and so I felt a bit more relaxed. Some brands also value a bit of personality and humour, especially if you’re going for a job role that might involve using their social media, so don’t be afraid to be yourself (unless you’re a boring bellend… that was a joke, see?)

HOWEVER, Here’s What Might Not Help…

By now you might be thinking that your blog is your one-way ticket to career heaven, and it’s time to dedicate your CV and interview chatter solely to your little blogging baby. But WAIT. In my two recent interviews, both interviewees have asked whether my blog could in any way interfere with my role. That was something I had never considered employers thinking about, but if you’re waffling on about how many thousands of followers you’ve got, the awards you’ve been nominated for, and how your blog is your main passion, then of course some employers are going to wonder whether your blog comes first.

Be clear in your CV, cover letter or interview that while you love blogging, it is a hobby. And that while you’ve learned a lot of skills from blogging and are keen to bring these skills into your job, it is not something you plan to pursue above and beyond the job you’re interviewing for. Don’t make them think you’re so hot shot that you’re going to be running off to join Vogue at any moment (unless you’re interviewing for a job at Vogue. Then that’s probably okay).

I hope you have found this post remotely useful! If you have any other tips for how your blog can help you find a job, then share in the comments below!

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A Week in Instagram #11

Hi there kids. We’ve been super super busy as of late working on various projects and plotting world domination (we’re close, don’t worry), but when we haven’t been doing that we’ve also been finding the time to take photos of our faces. If you follow us on Instagram then you may have seen all of these snaps already and so you have permission to shout “BOR-ING! One way ticket to Snoozeville, losers” at your screen. If not though, then enjoy this little update post and GET FOLLOWING US at @StylingoUK.
Instagram Sep 1

1. Her hair may have gone a more natural colour, but Lauren is still enjoying a salsa to the fake side now and then with her Dirty Looks hair extensions (you can read our Dirty Looks review here)
2. I got my arm pierced recently, and yes, almost everyone hates it. A stranger even stopped me in Morrisons, with a look of horror on his face, to ask me about it  – which I thought was rude considering I wouldn’t stop to ask him why he thought his ugly trousers were a good idea.
3. This kimono, courtesy of Celeb Look, has barely left my body since I was sent it. Expect to see this baby in an OOTD soon!
4. Lauren had a birthday recently (doesn’t she look good for 46?) and got treated to these Lush bits. She smells a bit less like a stinky old badger now, so thanks Lush.

Instagram Sep 2

5. Nothing makes me happier than a fresh weave.
6. I have the world’s worst sweet tooth, which is a bit of a mare when I’m trying to keep an eye on my eating, so I was verry happy when we were recently sent some of these Slim Fruits sweets to try out. I can confirm they’re actually pretty delicious considering they’re both sugar- and fat-free, though I might have got carried away and ate 2 packs in one go… Still good for me though, right?
7. Following on from our recent post on the A/W trend of duster coats, we’ve both fell in love with them and bought one each. This checked beauty belongs to Lauren and is from New Look.
8. Finally, it was August… and I was wearing a fur collar. That is the tragedy of our British summer, ladies and gents.

Are any of you on Instagram? Leave your usernames in the comments below and we’ll check you out!

#GrabAMakeover With Grabble

GAM 3It’s no secret that Grabble are our FAVEY brand in the fashion biz, so when they invited us to their recent event we obviously booked our train tickets down to merry old London faster than you can say “er Mr Bossman, do you mind if we leave early next Tuesday?” (obviously he didn’t mind, in fact we’re starting to think our colleagues are actually relieved when they can get rid of us for an afternoon. Rude, but convenient so who’s complainin’).

Grab A Makeover was held at Andrew Barton’s celeb salon, which was packed with bloggers getting treated to loads of mini treatments including manicures, hair styling and massages. There was also pizza and alcohol, so I’m sure you can imagine what our primary concerns were…

We got the chance to catch up with some of our favourite people like Holly from i2Style and Katie and the rest of the Grabble team, and also finally meet some lovely bloggers including JenCourtney and Georgina. Here are a few snaps from the evening – yes I was wearing a fedora to hide my roots from Andrew, oh the shame.

GAM 1 GAM 4 GAM 2 GAM 5 GAM 6 gam 9 gam 10  GAM 7God, was I jelly of Andrew’s tan.

The event was loads of fun, and the raffle also raised over £500 for the wonderful COSMIC charity which is a lovely extra. A huge thank you to the wonderful Grabble team for organising such a great evening, to Andrew for putting up with us all in his salon, and to everyone else involved. The goodie bag was obviously swoon-worthy too. Oh you guyssss.

Do you all love Grabble as much as we do?!

Why Bloggers Need to Get Over Themselves


Ooh, did I get your attention with my controversial title? Good, bahaha. I’ll obviously point out that in today’s post I’m actually talking about why some bloggers need to get over themselves – the vast majority of bloggers we know are all super lovely swell people, but there is a certain attitude amongst some bloggers that’s been irking us for a while now.

As we work in digital marketing, we get to see both sides of the blogger outreach system, both as bloggers being approached and the brand approaching bloggers. And from both of these perspectives we now and then see the same things: namely, bloggers who need to get over themselves. Whether it’s making cringey requests under #PRRequest hashtag, or bitching that they haven’t been invited to certain events, I’m sure we’ve all seen this type of bad blogger behaviour.

Here are a few of my personal bugbears when it comes to bloggers:

Badmouthing a Company’s Outreach – Especially When It’s Legit

We know there are plenty of companies or individuals who are not great at outreaching to bloggers, but seeing people take to social media and blast a brand is a bit boring to read at the best of times. But what really grates on me is seeing a blogger slag off an outreach campaign simply because it doesn’t match their personal standards.

One shining example of this happened quite a few months back on Twitter. We saw one blogger furiously tweeting about a brand, and then saw her write a whole blog post about the way that this company was trying to scam bloggers. So what did this company have the audacity to do? They put a tweet out for blogger collaborations, which then turned out to be asking for bloggers to guest post for them on their own blog. Said blogger was properly furious about this, stating it was just brands getting something for free by using and abusing bloggers. I have several issues with this bloggers’ beef:

1. guest posting has been used as a way to help blogs for years, as appearing on someone else’s blog and getting a link back to your blog can help with your SEO (as we spoke about in more detail here)
2. social exposure and association with a fashion brand is surely something that, as a fashion blogger, should surely be something fairly interesting to you
3. this blogger had clearly been more than happy to work with the brand when they thought there was a freebie from it, yet not when they realised otherwise

For the record, we ended up writing a guest post for said brand. They still tweet out our article regularly, as well as promoting our other posts across their social channels, and we got a lot of traffic from it. We would rather that than a cheap freebie, ta.

Assuming There’s a Budget and They Deserve to Be Paid

Sponsored posts are fairly commonplace in the blogging industry, however there are many bloggers who are a bit too obsessed with the idea of getting dollar dollar bill. There are a lot of blogging groups out there where you’ll see bloggers slating companies who have offered guest posts or try to outreach with a ‘blog to win’ competition. Common complaints include

“We should not be expected to work for free, we’re valuable to brands and they should stop abusing us”
“There is a marketing budget for advertising so they should pay us”
“I bet the people working at the brands aren’t working for free”

First up, yes bloggers are growing increasingly important to brands, which is why so many of them are thinking of ways to work with us. However, it’s important to stay humble and also realistic. Just because you have 200 followers does not mean brands should be fawning all over you as if the fate of their company rests in your typing hands. Secondly, a blog for most people is rarely advertised as their work. Of course there are full time bloggers but what happened to all this “I blog because I love it” shit that most bloggers will always say when asked? So now writing about fashion, which you claim is your passion, is a chore? Convenient.

Next up, there is not always a budget for blogger campaigns, and this is not a snub. Often digital marketing budgets are small and paid marketing is another kettle of fish entirely to what blogger outreach falls under. Similarly, sometimes there will be no budget as brands have a policy of not paying for links (which should actually be the case, cough cough). Contrary to popular belief, marketeers do not spend their time laughing at how they’ve scammed you while rolling around in money that was originally in a bag labelled ‘Blogger Incentives’.

And finally… no of course they’re not working for free. Check out ‘blog’ and ‘job’ in the dictionary; quite different definitions. You berks.

Taking It All Too Seriously

I know we all put a lot of effort into our blogs, but the fact is that most of us set out to start a blog because it’s fun and is meant to be something we enjoy. To see people slagging off brands, making demands and slating outreach people (who are just essentially trying to do their job) just makes it look like they’ve forgotten why they started, or that they were always in it for the wrong reasons anywho.

Also, as a side note, being that outspoken and bitchy isn’t going to endear you to many PR people. Juuuuust sayin’.



What do you all think about this topic? Let me know in the comments below!

#StyleBloggerAwards with Premier Inn

PI 1A few weeks ago we were down in London for the Company Style Blogger Awards (which you can read all about here if you get the urge in your loins to do so)(always listen to your loins, people, always) and decided to stay over rather than end up running through Euston like mad banshees only to miss our train home… again.

Anywho, the beaut people at Premier Inn were nice enough to put us up for the night in their new Hackney hotel, which was uber-convenient for us with the event being in East London. Also I got to feel like Professor Green, so that was cool.

PI 4The room was perfect for getting ready – YES that is a  light-up mirror. Because it was a family room there was also loads of space, so there was no biffing each other over mirror access or where we were going to put our gin.
PI 7 PI 2 PI 3PI 5We were in a mega rush when we were getting ready, but in the morning once Lauren had pottered off to work (ha) and I was still lounging on the chaise longue in the manner that I’d became accustomed to, I got to properly take advantage of the gigantic bed, endless tea supplies and flatscreen TV – yes that is the Real Housewives of SomewhereSomewhere, I’m very high-brow.

We also had a buffet breakfast which was perfect for our somewhat hungover brains, and the staff were all so helpful and lovely. I was already a big fan of Premier Inn anyway (er, who wouldn’t be?), but can 100% recommend the Hackney one now for anyone who may stay there.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone that was involved in our stay; you made our night utterly superb!

A Week In Instagram #9

I know what you’re thinking: ‘Hey, hasn’t it been a while since they posted one of their completely inaccurately titled ‘Week in Instagram’ posts where they actually just wedge about a month’s worth of photos inat once  in a shameless attempt to beg more followers on yet another social channel but actually just bore us to tears with their boring faces and lives?’

Well YOU ASK, WE PROVIDE, my little friends. Here’s a nice little summary of some of our activities recently, as told by squares:

Instagram May 11. The weather has finally picked up and this means sunglasses recently began dominating my thoughts for about 80% of the day. I was after a round pair but a lot of the ones around looked like they were bordering dangerously close to being part of a John Lennon fancy dress outfit – and then my eager eyes rested on these steampunk-esque babies and my life was complete. They cost a mere £3.99 and can be found here on eBay.
2. You may or may not know that despite looking every inch the pale English idiot, Lauren in fact hails from the exotic land of South Africa (I know – she’s from Africa, why is she white?) She recently took a trip back to the homeland, but before she arrived she had a small mare when she, err, missed her flight. I don’t know what idiot was in charge of taking her to the airport. Oh wait, yeah I do, it was me. This is a cheeky mirror selfie taken the morning before catching her re-booked flight, though, so all was well that ended well.
3. Look, she made it! Another mirror selfie, this time from SA itself.
4. Oh yes, the 90s are well and truly back my friends. I wish I’d had the good sense to keep the tattoo choker I had when I was 8 but alas, I had to fork out a whole 99p for this one to re-live my youth. Poverty, nice to meet you.

Instagram 35. . No, that’s not a boil. Lauren got her nose pierced, the groovy shit.
6. I’ve been lusting after a Laura Ralph two-piece for what feels like approximately 73 years now, and finally treated myself to one. Laura makes co-ords to order from a range of unique fabrics, meaning you get to be all fancy and unique. You can take a look at her Facebook page here and order your own – because, why wouldn’t you?
7. HOW beaut is this ring from Zara Taylor? Very beaut, that is the answer.
8. I’m still loving this lipstick in shade ‘Crime’ from Makeup Revolution. You can read my full review here if you haven’t already.
Instagram May 29. My outfit of the day from a recent press day I attended in Manchester. My beloved Primark blazer teamed with a Topshop cami, River Island pleather leggings and Marc B ‘Giselle’ bag.
10. Yes that is a leopard print CAKE. With our faces on. This little beauty came courtesy of Baker Days, who deliver personalised cakes right through your letterbox. They’re perfect for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries… or Mondays. Or Tuesdays. Probably Wednesdays too. ALL THE TIME, OKAY.
11. My current favourite jeans from Boohoo – rips galore!
12. A huge thank you to House of Fraser for these little bracelets. Lauren’s worn them almost daily since receiving them, and you can see them in her most recent Outfit of the Day if you’re a wrist pervert.

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5 Sob Story Reasons to Vote for Stylingo in Company’s Style Blogger Awards

Vote StylingoIf you follow us on Twitter, Instagram or just in real life (Lauren’s convinced there’s someone living in our loft – is this you?!) then you will no doubt have heard us harping on about the fact that we’ve been shortlisted in this year’s Style Blogger Awards with Company magazine!

This is a huge, HUGE,  H  U  G  E  compliment  and we’re really grateful to everyone who nominated us as the Best Blogging Duo. We’re up against some fantastic other bloggers and don’t expect to win at all, but we would still love for you to vote for us if you think we deserve it!

While you should of course base your voting decision on which blog you think is the best, we’ve decided that it can’t hurt to up our chances with some good old fashion X Factor-inspired reasoning. Here we present to you our:

5 sob story reasons to vote for Stylingo as Best Blogging Duo

Kim Crying 2

1. I’ve tried a dress on in Primark, only to find I’m unable to get it back off over my big man-shoulders and so have been trapped in the dress for a good ten minutes while I attempt to claw my way out of it … not once, but TWICE.

Kim Crying 2

2.  Lauren was recently hoping nobody had really noticed her skin during a bad eczema episode, only to have  a homeless man yell “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR FACE?!” at her in the middle of a large crowd.

Kim Crying 3

3. I failed my driving test not once, not twice, not even three times… but SEVEN times. I had one instructor simply say “Don’t ring me for lessons anymore”.
Kim Crying 4

4. You know how you’re meant to ‘mind the gap’ when getting on a train? Lauren failed to do this once and her shoe fell down the gap. She had to walk around with one ballet pump for the rest of her journey.
Kim Crying 5

5. When I was 7 I drew a dog’s face on a balloon and called my new dog Sheba. My sister then played rounders and used Sheba as the ball – Sheba popped and I cried for about 8 hours.

There… are your heartstrings thoroughly tugged at? If so, or if you just happen to like our blog, then PLEASE feel free to vote for us by clicking on our badge at the top or here. You can find us in the 4th category along, and be sure to cast your votes for all of your other favourite bloggers too! A huge THANK YOU if you do vote or have voted already, we love you very much and would butt-bump each and every one of you if we could.

Merci and goodnight.

No, I Don’t Have Have Any Tits: The Flat-Chested Girl’s Struggle

flat chest 2Hello you fine chicas. Today I’m here to talk to you about boobs, or in fact my lack thereof. I know I’m not alone inthe Itty Bitty Titty Club and so I’m hoping that this post might resonate with a few of my fellow small basooma owners.

You see, I basically barely developed in the boobage department. I am unashamedly a 32B, though I think that’s just a bit of a fluke as sans underwear I definitely look like I’m rocking an A cup. And this fact is genuinely something that has very rarely bothered me throughout my years as a flat chested adult; what has bothered me though is everyone else’s seeming problem with my lack of problem with it.

It seems to me that in today’s society, where we’re all meant to be so pro-body confidence and all about embracing our bodies as they are (insert more Gok Wan babble here), having a go at small boobs is the last thing that it’s still okay to do. We all seem to have learned that it’s rude to pick on a woman for her weight, yet it seems perfectly fine to sneer at girls who aren’t packing much in the old mammaries.  So many times I have heard snide comments about other people along the lines of ‘oh yeah she’s pretty… but she hasn’t got any boobs’ and I’ve even had so-called friends actually make comments to me before a night out such as ‘wow, you actually look like you have tits tonight’… as if that’s not completely rude?

I think it all stems from an idea that girls with small boobs, or girls who are generally slim, are not ‘real women’. On one night out while I was at uni, I was with my friend in the toilets. My friend was a good 5’10 in height and at a size 10-12 looked perfectly in proportion and healthy, yet was still bemoaning the fact that she used to be a size 8 and wanted to go on a diet. Some random girl then pops up out of nowhere and – probably thinking she’s being nice – starts berating my friend, telling her that she shouldn’t strive to be a size 8 because she’s a ‘real woman’ and ‘real women aren’t a size 8’. I was standing there in my size 6-8 Motel Rocks bodycon dress, listening to this girl basically telling me I wasn’t a real woman and thinking ‘oh right love, what am I then – a fucking seahorse?’

We seem as a society to have become so pro-curves that we’ve actually done a 180 and now made skinny or flatchested girls feel like they’re lacking as women. The idea that we could possibly be happy with ourselves in the same way that curvy girls are seems absurd. The amount of people I’ve had ask me if I’d ever have a boob job is actually quite shocking when you realise how rude it is. Now, my older sister had a boob job a couple of years ago (so I’m obviously not knocking them) and so when it’s people who know that who ask me it doesn’t offend me as much, as it seems more logical. But when it’s people who are just looking at me and assuming surely I must want a boob job, it’s downright offensive. You wouldn’t just walk up to someone with a big nose and say ‘Cor, don’t you fancy getting that schnozz sorted?’ or approach a bigger girl and ask whether she’s consider having her fat sucked out of her.

On the topics of boob jobs, like I’ve said I really don’t disagree with them. If you’re genuinely unhappy with your body then by all means make whatever changes you want. My only concern is when girls are having them done because of the opinions of others, especially men. I’ve seen a lot of women on TV state that their reason for a boob job was feeling unwomanly or inadequate with their partner – and I think that’s desperately sad. I know it’s rarely the boyf’s fault and they’re probably super nice people who tell their girlfriend she’s perfect as she is. But in those cases where a boyfriend is responsible for the girl feeling bad about herself, then I think it’s awful. Here is a fact: if he has a problem with your boobs, then HE is a boob and deserves to be sacked off immediately.

Sure, there are plenty of men out there who like bigger boobs. I know for sure that there are lads I’ve met who probably would have liked me more if I had bigger boobs. But is that a reason for me to go in search of bigger boobs? Er, no. I think the real key to body confidence, in regards to relationships and attraction anyway, is to accept that you’re never going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Some men simply won’t like you because you have small boobs/are bigger than a size 12/have a flat arse/are blonde/are brunette/have an extra thumb. And it’s really no criticism on them, as women are just as picky. I for one will refuse to date a boy who wears a gilet. Different strokes etc.

I could waffle on about this topic all day; I suppose  I have a lot to get off my chest – and I certainly have the room to do so (badumchhh). But my ultimate point (I know, it’s surprising that I have one after all that waffle) is that we should all just ACCEPT ONE ANOTHER and accept that WE ARE ALL REAL WOMEN. You got a vajayjay, you’re in the club regardless. So let’s stop trying to put girls down on any little thing we can think of and just get on with our own lives and shaking our own jelly.

What do you all think? Has anyone else in the Itty Bitty Titty Club encountered this kind of thing? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

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