A Week in Instagram #11

Hi there kids. We’ve been super super busy as of late working on various projects and plotting world domination (we’re close, don’t worry), but when we haven’t been doing that we’ve also been finding the time to take photos of our faces. If you follow us on Instagram then you may have seen all of these snaps already and so you have permission to shout “BOR-ING! One way ticket to Snoozeville, losers” at your screen. If not though, then enjoy this little update post and GET FOLLOWING US at @StylingoUK.
Instagram Sep 1

1. Her hair may have gone a more natural colour, but Lauren is still enjoying a salsa to the fake side now and then with her Dirty Looks hair extensions (you can read our Dirty Looks review here)
2. I got my arm pierced recently, and yes, almost everyone hates it. A stranger even stopped me in Morrisons, with a look of horror on his face, to ask me about it  – which I thought was rude considering I wouldn’t stop to ask him why he thought his ugly trousers were a good idea.
3. This kimono, courtesy of Celeb Look, has barely left my body since I was sent it. Expect to see this baby in an OOTD soon!
4. Lauren had a birthday recently (doesn’t she look good for 46?) and got treated to these Lush bits. She smells a bit less like a stinky old badger now, so thanks Lush.

Instagram Sep 2

5. Nothing makes me happier than a fresh weave.
6. I have the world’s worst sweet tooth, which is a bit of a mare when I’m trying to keep an eye on my eating, so I was verry happy when we were recently sent some of these Slim Fruits sweets to try out. I can confirm they’re actually pretty delicious considering they’re both sugar- and fat-free, though I might have got carried away and ate 2 packs in one go… Still good for me though, right?
7. Following on from our recent post on the A/W trend of duster coats, we’ve both fell in love with them and bought one each. This checked beauty belongs to Lauren and is from New Look.
8. Finally, it was August… and I was wearing a fur collar. That is the tragedy of our British summer, ladies and gents.

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2 Responses

  1. Jessica Edmunds September 3, 2014 / 2:46 pm

    Ya got the fur collars out already?! Mannnn I am wanting some faux fur now, I created a new account so I don’t think I have you yet so need to add you gals xxx

  2. lauren September 3, 2014 / 4:43 pm

    i need to try these sweets out, i have a terrible sweet tooth my office drawer is full of sweets! not good for the waistline

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