3 of the Best eBay Dupes Available Right Now


Topshop ‘86’ Jersey / eBay ‘85’ Jersey

I featured this jersey in my varsity trend post a couple of weeks ago, where I commented that I really liked it but was umming and ahhing over it because I had noticed so many girls wearing it. At £20, I think it’s pretty reasonably priced for Topshop (who, it has to be said, can sometimes be the lords and masters of over-pricing); but I was still interested in looking around for a cheaper alternative.

And HELLO, alternative! This eBay dupe is less than half the price of the Topshop version, at only £6.99 (plus £1.99 delivery). You have to admit that they’ve done a pretty good job of replicating it, even down to the stripes. As well as the difference in number, I’m sure there are probably some differences in the quality of the material. I will soon be able to let you know, as I couldn’t resist ordering the dupe and am expecting it any day now.


Mango lion head chain / eBay lion head chain

Rihanna has been photographed numerous times wearing her Versace lion head gold chain:


and since then a number of high street dupes have popped up. Compared to a Versace necklace (one day, one day…) (okay, more realistically: never, never…), the Mango one featured above is still a snip at £17.99. But once again, eBay comes in at even more of a snip. The link above goes to what I think is the chepest seller in the UK, as it comes in at under a tenner, including postage. You can get them for half that price if you order from Hong Kong and don’t mind waiting around 3 weeks, but if you share the ‘I WANT IT AND WANT IT NOW’ mentality of us Stylingo broads then the extra couple of quid isn’t too bad.


Jeffrey Campbell Lita platform / eBay Wooden Heel Lace-Ups Platforms

I’m sure we would all love a pair of genuine Jeffrey Campbells in our shoe cupboard – my 5’2 frame would particularly enjoy that delicious platform. However, at around £120, they’re not really something that a lot of us can just buy on a whim. Luckily, quite plain styles like this are pretty easy to duplicate, and these ones from eBay are a much more affordable £32.99.

What do you all think of cheaper dupes from shops such as eBay? Do you love them, or prefer the real thing?

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