A Week In Instagram #7

Hey there hot stuff(s). We’re back today with another Week In Instagram post. As always we are big fat liars and these photos span a time period much longer than a week, but we know you won’t hold that against us. So, what have we been up to?

Insta Feb 11. Summer is just around the corner, meaning that it’s time to shed the blubber of winter and jiggle our bums all the way to the gym. I find that having semi-pretty work out wear is one of my key motivations for actually going to the gym (sad, I know) and I’m loving these brights at the mo. The sports bra and bottle are both from Primark’s sports range (which I heartily recommend, FYI) and I’m not at all sure if you can guess the brand of the leggings and trainers. It’s just not obvious at all.
2. Lauren tracked down some House of Holland false nails in Boots that let you pick what to spell out on your hands. Aw, what a cute idea you may think. Well, not to Lauren, who instead of writing her name or a nice message of love and peace, chose to write ‘Thug Life’. Oh well, the life chose her.
3. Look how gosh darn fit Lauren looked on a recent night out donning her new Primark skort and a bardot body.
4. I was lucky enough to be sent this dress courtesy of Karma Clothing recently, and I bloody LOVE it. Perfecto now with black tights (as seen in this OOTD post) and it will be even more perfecto come the summer.

Insta Feb 25. A little selfie before I went out for some dinner recently. That’s my hair and nose and eyes and mouth and everything, hurrah!
6. Just some more of our Stylingo philosophy that we’re intent on sharing with the world. Some say we are like Gandhi but split into two people, others say that we are idiots…
7. Lauren sporting her new Barry M nail polish, which is the ‘Lady’ shade from the Royal Textured Glitter Collection. Fancy ja?!
8. We struggle to get to work without our travel mugs of tea each morning, and this one from Primark has been recently added to Lauren’s collection.

Insta Feb 39. A ginger selfie.
10. Who says you can’t wear a crop top to work? Er, probably my company handbook actually, but who bothers to read that?
11. Another recent Primark bargain for Lauren – can you believe this cost just £5?!
12. My favourite new makeup product of the past month is without doubt Seventeen’s new Instant Glow cream bronzer. Click here for my full review.

What have you all been up to lately?

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