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Ahoy there amigos,

If you follow us on Instagram, you will know that we post pictures of our faces pretty frequently. In fact, we post pictures of various body parts, mostly hands and feet too. This is what we have been up to recently.

  1. I like wearing my converse because it makes me feel hip hop and happening.
  2. Claire giving her Dirty Looks hair extensions a whirl, doesn’t she just look peachy?
  3. Sometimes there is little better in life than a brew and a magazine. Claire had a read of Tatler recently on her lunch break at work.
  4. We got sent some exciting summer goodies from Elsie and Fred. Claire got a beautiful pastel bralet, I got some excellent 60s sunglasses and they sent us some little rings too.
  5. How amazing and excellent are these white sandals from Primark? Very. Claire picked them up for a bargain £14.
  6. And here is me giving my Dirty Looks hair extensions a whirl. They dyed to my ginger hair colour perfectly.
  7. A couple of purchases Claire picked up from New Look and Missguided – pastels are our favey.
  8. Claire matching her ring to her nails, what is she like?
  9. I reviewed this fabulous Barry M lipstick, it is a beaut.
  10. More magazines and more tea, life is good.
  11. Claire was sent these absolutely beautiful floral Doc Martens from Cloggs.co.uk
  12. I like wearing animals on my hands and around my neck. Jewellery from Primark and from New Look!
  13. Claire’s excellent outfit, featuring her new Primark shoes.
  14. Frilly socks are the best.
  15. Claire’s top tramp tip: curl your hair extensions to hide any shaggy ends!
  16. And here is a snap of my face featuring my Elsie and Fred sunglasses. HUZZAH.

We hope that you enjoy stalking us from time to time (although I’m not sure why you would, we lead very boring lives). If you want to follow us in Instagram, we are @StylingoUK. THANKS BYE.

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2 Responses

  1. Emily March 24, 2014 / 4:45 pm

    I love this idea 🙂 Definitely will be following you on Instagram and doing this post on my blog sometime too!

  2. Jessica Edmunds March 24, 2014 / 10:53 pm

    I love the tramp tip, I definitely use curling when my extensions get pretty dry and beauty…plus those white primark sandals must be mineeee! LEND? 😉

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