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Spring Fashion Collage 2

It might not have seemed like it yesterday when I practically had to wade my way into work (RIP open-toed shoes), but SPRING HAS SPRUNG. Jack Wills recently created a guide around How to Style A Trench Coat and it got me thinking about Spring fashion, and the pieces I’m personally wearing a lot this season. As the ultimate transitional piece, the trench coat is obv one of those iconic Spring staples – and I think it’s important to have a couple of these in your wardrobe each season. But just as important are the fun, on-trend items that you might only wear for a couple of months but help update your outfits (and give us something to hopefully look back at cringe at when we’re older). I think I’ve got a healthy mix of both in my wardrobe at the moment, and here are some of my absolute faves… View Full Post

July Round-Up

July Collage

#Fwis feat. ASOS trousers | Feeling all love-heart-eye emoji over this new Boohoo dress |  Nails on nails | July essentials | Fizz  at the Benito Brow Bar event | Pre-night out awkward shot | My new dungz | #Fwis feat. culottes and Converse | Not wearing black (I can hear your gasps from here) View Full Post

A Week in Instagram #10

Well hello there hottys!

Claire and I have had so much fun this week lurking about in London having a marvellous time being idiots. If you want to catch up on what we’ve been up to, check out our round up of the Company Magazine Style Awards and Claire’s outfit of the day from the event (mine is coming soon from when I decide my pictures don’t make me look horribly ham armed).

We’ve been up to lots of fun stuff recently too apart from the Company Awards, so here’s a little round up of our frolicking. If you want to follow us on Instagram, we are StylingoUK and post lots of stupid pictures of our feet.



  1. Claires beautiful Beauty Works 18 inch silver hair extensions, they look amazing!
  2. Having a little twirl in my pink Asos midi skirt before the Company Style Blogger Awards.
  3. Claire’s beautiful new nails, thanks to Nails by Abbie in Coventry.
  4. Claire’s sissy bought her this cute bracelet off holiday, love.


  1. Our snazzy new business cards, thanks to Inktree in Birmingham!
  2. Claire’s oufit for the Company Awards, read the full post here.
  3.  Another fit outfit of the day courtesy of Claire, featuring some fit culottes and fedora from H&M. Read the full post here.
  4. A nice little floor pic of our outfits for the Company Awards!


  1. Sunny Hackey on Thursday morning, with a pretty little glimpse of the Shard and the Gherkin.
  2. My shoes and one of my favourite mint green skirt from Primark.
  3. A beautiful Motel dress that Claire won on Twitter! Love that print.
  4. I’m such a big fan of top buns at the moment. SUCH a big fan.


  1. Sometimes we get free magazines at work and when we do, we make tea and read for England.
  2. My recent purchases. The crop top is from Topshop and those lovely flatforms are from Primark.
  3. We recently made Stylingo responsive, so you can read us wherever you want (preferably not on the loo).
  4. Claire’s FIT new Primark sandals.


  1. Banging Neu Apparel gymwear on equally banging Claire.
  2. The lovely Rachel at the Grabble event a few weeks ago, huzzah.
  3. Again, loving the top knot at the moment.
  4. Some beautiful New Look goodies WE LOVE SHOES AND BAGS.


  1. Claire’s prints and rings. Jazzy.
  2. A recent outfit of the day, with one of my favourite Missguided a-line skirts.
  3. Claire’s excellent London Retro sunglasses. How fit?
  4. And another snap of Claire’s lovely Beauty Works hair extensions.

So chums, I hope that you have enjoyed this little peek into our every day lives, and if you want to follow us on Insta then definitely get your sexy asses over there. We also recently wrote a post about some Instagram accounts you have to follow, so check out that if you want some more Insta inspiration.

#Instalove: 5 Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

So, today I am shamelessly robbing a post idea from Joelle at February Girl. She recently posted about the 5 Instagram accounts that you need to be following, and I decided that I want to spread the Instalove too. Plus, stealing things is such an adrenaline rush, it is filling the void since I gave up crack.

Without further ado, here are some of our absolute favourite Instagrammers. We’re keen beans for Insta (you can follow us at StylingoUK if you so wish) and approximately 4 hours of my day is spent scrolling through and wondering how on earth people lay their outfits on the floor so artfully. I still don’t really know. I tried it once, and it looked like a pile of dirty washing that I couldn’t be arsed to clean up.

1. @ThePixieCut

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 13.22.46
This girl is FIERCE and has mastered the art of floor outfits. Her actual body outfits are bloody brilliant too and she consistently makes me feel like chopping all of my hair off will be a good idea. Unfortunately, I don’t have a tiny pixie-like general appearance and instead of looking banging’, I would look like a boy. But anywho, I thoroughly recommend giving Laura a follow on Instagram, if not just for some serious kimono envy.

2. @BlouseAndBrows

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 13.34.18

There’s nothing more I love in life than eyebrows and blouses, so it was pretty much guaranteed that I was going to enjoy this excellent Insta account. Claire introduced me recently, and we both love this girl’s style (and are only slightly jealous of her amazing figure). She’s a relatively new Instagrammer, so show some love and give her a follow.

3. @BeautyLifeMichelle

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 13.36.03

If you are a makeup fan, then you absolutely HAVE to follow @BeautyLifeMichelle, although I have some suspicions that Gandalf or another magical being actually does her makeup. No one can be that good at it, surely. Plus, she’s Irish and now lives in Australia, which basically means she’s the most interesting person in the entire world. Big Instalove.

4. @LydiaRoseSmyth

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 13.43.07

Lydia is a fabulous blogger and Instagrammer who Claire and I stalked met up with last week for dinner. Her posts are so pretty and this hot momma takes an EXCELLENT selfie, there’s also a good level of food photo taking. Everyone loves food pictures.

5. @LydiaFayeJones

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 13.57.17

Apparently Claire and I only like you if you’re called Lydia. All joking aside (it’s not a joke), @LydiaFayeJones is a constant source of thinspiration, style and general brilliant hair envy. Lydia’s got an absolutely BANGING wardrobe and we thoroughly recommend you give her a follow and let your bank balance deal with the consequences.

I hope that you enjoy these Instagram accounts as much as Claire and I do and if you have any other Instagrammers that you want to share the love for, let us know in the comments below! Peace out.

A Week In Instagram #9

I know what you’re thinking: ‘Hey, hasn’t it been a while since they posted one of their completely inaccurately titled ‘Week in Instagram’ posts where they actually just wedge about a month’s worth of photos inat once  in a shameless attempt to beg more followers on yet another social channel but actually just bore us to tears with their boring faces and lives?’

Well YOU ASK, WE PROVIDE, my little friends. Here’s a nice little summary of some of our activities recently, as told by squares:

Instagram May 11. The weather has finally picked up and this means sunglasses recently began dominating my thoughts for about 80% of the day. I was after a round pair but a lot of the ones around looked like they were bordering dangerously close to being part of a John Lennon fancy dress outfit – and then my eager eyes rested on these steampunk-esque babies and my life was complete. They cost a mere £3.99 and can be found here on eBay.
2. You may or may not know that despite looking every inch the pale English idiot, Lauren in fact hails from the exotic land of South Africa (I know – she’s from Africa, why is she white?) She recently took a trip back to the homeland, but before she arrived she had a small mare when she, err, missed her flight. I don’t know what idiot was in charge of taking her to the airport. Oh wait, yeah I do, it was me. This is a cheeky mirror selfie taken the morning before catching her re-booked flight, though, so all was well that ended well.
3. Look, she made it! Another mirror selfie, this time from SA itself.
4. Oh yes, the 90s are well and truly back my friends. I wish I’d had the good sense to keep the tattoo choker I had when I was 8 but alas, I had to fork out a whole 99p for this one to re-live my youth. Poverty, nice to meet you.

Instagram 35. . No, that’s not a boil. Lauren got her nose pierced, the groovy shit.
6. I’ve been lusting after a Laura Ralph two-piece for what feels like approximately 73 years now, and finally treated myself to one. Laura makes co-ords to order from a range of unique fabrics, meaning you get to be all fancy and unique. You can take a look at her Facebook page here and order your own – because, why wouldn’t you?
7. HOW beaut is this ring from Zara Taylor? Very beaut, that is the answer.
8. I’m still loving this lipstick in shade ‘Crime’ from Makeup Revolution. You can read my full review here if you haven’t already.
Instagram May 29. My outfit of the day from a recent press day I attended in Manchester. My beloved Primark blazer teamed with a Topshop cami, River Island pleather leggings and Marc B ‘Giselle’ bag.
10. Yes that is a leopard print CAKE. With our faces on. This little beauty came courtesy of Baker Days, who deliver personalised cakes right through your letterbox. They’re perfect for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries… or Mondays. Or Tuesdays. Probably Wednesdays too. ALL THE TIME, OKAY.
11. My current favourite jeans from Boohoo – rips galore!
12. A huge thank you to House of Fraser for these little bracelets. Lauren’s worn them almost daily since receiving them, and you can see them in her most recent Outfit of the Day if you’re a wrist pervert.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little look into your day to day life! You can follow us on Instagram at StylingoUK.

Don’t forget you can vote for us as Best Blogging Duo in this year’s Style Blogger Awards with Company magazine! Click the icon below to be taken to the voting site:


A Week in Instagram #8

Instagram 1

Instagram 2

Instagram 4

Instragam 78

Ahoy there amigos,

If you follow us on Instagram, you will know that we post pictures of our faces pretty frequently. In fact, we post pictures of various body parts, mostly hands and feet too. This is what we have been up to recently.

  1. I like wearing my converse because it makes me feel hip hop and happening.
  2. Claire giving her Dirty Looks hair extensions a whirl, doesn’t she just look peachy?
  3. Sometimes there is little better in life than a brew and a magazine. Claire had a read of Tatler recently on her lunch break at work.
  4. We got sent some exciting summer goodies from Elsie and Fred. Claire got a beautiful pastel bralet, I got some excellent 60s sunglasses and they sent us some little rings too.
  5. How amazing and excellent are these white sandals from Primark? Very. Claire picked them up for a bargain £14.
  6. And here is me giving my Dirty Looks hair extensions a whirl. They dyed to my ginger hair colour perfectly.
  7. A couple of purchases Claire picked up from New Look and Missguided – pastels are our favey.
  8. Claire matching her ring to her nails, what is she like?
  9. I reviewed this fabulous Barry M lipstick, it is a beaut.
  10. More magazines and more tea, life is good.
  11. Claire was sent these absolutely beautiful floral Doc Martens from Cloggs.co.uk
  12. I like wearing animals on my hands and around my neck. Jewellery from Primark and from New Look!
  13. Claire’s excellent outfit, featuring her new Primark shoes.
  14. Frilly socks are the best.
  15. Claire’s top tramp tip: curl your hair extensions to hide any shaggy ends!
  16. And here is a snap of my face featuring my Elsie and Fred sunglasses. HUZZAH.

We hope that you enjoy stalking us from time to time (although I’m not sure why you would, we lead very boring lives). If you want to follow us in Instagram, we are @StylingoUK. THANKS BYE.

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A Week In Instagram #7

Hey there hot stuff(s). We’re back today with another Week In Instagram post. As always we are big fat liars and these photos span a time period much longer than a week, but we know you won’t hold that against us. So, what have we been up to?

Insta Feb 11. Summer is just around the corner, meaning that it’s time to shed the blubber of winter and jiggle our bums all the way to the gym. I find that having semi-pretty work out wear is one of my key motivations for actually going to the gym (sad, I know) and I’m loving these brights at the mo. The sports bra and bottle are both from Primark’s sports range (which I heartily recommend, FYI) and I’m not at all sure if you can guess the brand of the leggings and trainers. It’s just not obvious at all.
2. Lauren tracked down some House of Holland false nails in Boots that let you pick what to spell out on your hands. Aw, what a cute idea you may think. Well, not to Lauren, who instead of writing her name or a nice message of love and peace, chose to write ‘Thug Life’. Oh well, the life chose her.
3. Look how gosh darn fit Lauren looked on a recent night out donning her new Primark skort and a bardot body.
4. I was lucky enough to be sent this dress courtesy of Karma Clothing recently, and I bloody LOVE it. Perfecto now with black tights (as seen in this OOTD post) and it will be even more perfecto come the summer.

Insta Feb 25. A little selfie before I went out for some dinner recently. That’s my hair and nose and eyes and mouth and everything, hurrah!
6. Just some more of our Stylingo philosophy that we’re intent on sharing with the world. Some say we are like Gandhi but split into two people, others say that we are idiots…
7. Lauren sporting her new Barry M nail polish, which is the ‘Lady’ shade from the Royal Textured Glitter Collection. Fancy ja?!
8. We struggle to get to work without our travel mugs of tea each morning, and this one from Primark has been recently added to Lauren’s collection.

Insta Feb 39. A ginger selfie.
10. Who says you can’t wear a crop top to work? Er, probably my company handbook actually, but who bothers to read that?
11. Another recent Primark bargain for Lauren – can you believe this cost just £5?!
12. My favourite new makeup product of the past month is without doubt Seventeen’s new Instant Glow cream bronzer. Click here for my full review.

What have you all been up to lately?

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A Week in Instagram #6


Instagram 6

Instagram 2

Instagram 3

Instagram 4

Instagram_5Oh hey, didn’t see you there.

Here we are again. It’s monday and everyone’s feeling a bit tragic. Do you know what will make you feel approximately a million times better? Yes, that’s right. Looking at little pictures of Claire and I going about our daily lives. Don’t ask me why, I don’t make the rules.

1. Here is Claire standing in front of her mirror and taking some snaps of herself (I know, what’s she like?!). Anyone else have pervert dress love with this bad boy? I do, and it’s only £5 from Primark. That delightful satchel is £9. Some might say Claire is the Primark Whisperer.

2. It turns out that I might also be the Primark Whisperer – I went on a bit of a spree on Saturday and got this beautiful red/orange skort. I also invested (for about £1, you have to speculate to accumulate, am I right?!) in some frilly socks in an array of colours, these adorable sandals and other miscellaneous items.

3. Speaking of splurging on payday stuff, Claire and I went to Boots in our lunch break on Friday and decided that it was high time we just spent a load of money and bought fun things. There were a few bargains to be had, but we were definitely most excited about the Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm. We bought ours in matte, but there were stain and gloss options too. Prepare yourselves for the review, because these beauties are excellent and top notch.

4. We like quotes now.

5. Hi there, Ron Weasley here. I’m officially a ginger haired wench and I love it.

6. Claire gave Cocoa Brown Tan a whirl – it develops in one hour and she loves it. Read her full review here, you know you want to.

7. Here is a sneaky peek of Claire’s décolletage, but more importantly her fabulous Asos mirror skirt that is wonderfully stunning.

8. Want to know how I achieved going from black to ginger in about 3 days? Here’s how. I loved the L’oreal product in particular, it smells like magic and wonderment. The bleach took a bit of getting used to though!

9. My dear friend, colleague and Ebay wizard Claire got this Motel cropped jumper for 99p. You can’t even get 99p ice creams for 99p these days. You’ve got to be impressed with that!

10. Oh, what’s that Lauren? You went and bought useless stuff from Primark? Are you mad? No. That is my hobby these days. So obvs, I bought a top with neon cats on it and some nude pumps.

11. Here is Claire and her head. She’s wearing an excellent Glamorous fluffy jumper that she got at The Clothes Show. Fun fact, she took this photo in our kitchen at work.

12. Did I say that we liked quotes now?

So everyone, I hope your Mondays get over and done with as soon as possible. If it makes you feel any better, Beyonce is also having a Monday somewhere too. If you want to check us out on Instagram, please do! We’re @StylingoUK and we like to post pictures of clothes and bits of makeup. We also shamelessly take selfies and contort ourselves to get the perfect pics of our shoes. That is just how life goes.

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A Week In Instagram #5

Why hi there homies,

I meant to put this post up yesterday, but unfortunately I spent pretty much my whole day reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (I know, about 5 years too late), napping and then being overwhelmed by the new Sherlock episode (anybody else have an inappropriate crush on Moriarty? So glad he’s back in the game).

Anyway, Claire and I have been doing our best to put lots of effort into Instragram and post as much as possible. If you fancy giving us a glorious follow, hit us up at StylingoUK. Our posts are always fashion and beauty related and are usually laced with guilt because we accidentally spent all of our money on makeup. Here’s what we’ve been up to recently:

Instagram2 Instagram1Instagram31. My Primark necklace and Primark fluffy jumper: have so much love for these two pieces. Massively cheap and cheerful but I’ve been wearing them constantly. I featured this necklace in my most recent outfit of the day too!
2. Claire looking like a genuine hotty off to a party over the weekend, featuring one of her favourite Barry M lilac lipsticks.
3. Shameless selfie with a top I bought at The Clothes Show (read about our trip to The Clothes Show).
4. Our love of Primark will never die, Claire picked these cheap and excellent bits of jewellery over the weekend.
5. Claire picked up this amazing MAC makeup shade in a blog sale last week, definitely the perfect colour for daywear (and nightwear, lets be honest!).
6. Another one of Claire’s purchases, recommended by one of our favourite bloggers Latasha at Today I Adore. Keep your eyes peeled for this silver hair dye review.
7. I went to buy a new foundation over the weekend and ended up picking up a Bobbi Brown foundation and concealer (WAHOO, reviews coming soon beauts).
8. How amazing are these Primark tartan leggings? Claire featured them in an outfit of the day recently and they have definitely become a wardrobe staple.
9. The result of Claire’s new silver hair dye – it’s looking fiiineeeee and I basically think she is Daenerys now.
10. Claire’s fit new boots from Boohoo. Read all about them in her haul post.
11. Claire’s epic collection of Barry M nail varnishes!
12. One of my favourite Missguided dresses, the pattern is so lovely!

Well chums, I hope you have enjoyed a peek into our somewhat exciting (?!) lives. If you want to keep up with our updates, make sure you give us a follow on Instagram, Twitter or Bloglovin. Have a fabulous Monday!

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(do you think I’ve plugged our Instragram enough?!?)

A Week in Instagram #3.

‘Sup sexy ladies!

Claire and I have lead very boring lives in the past week or two (particularly as I have been lame and ill SNORE) as we’re still saving our pennies for our beautiful new crib. Nevertheless, we have been doing lots of eating and reviewing of fun things, so life hasn’t been too pathetic! If you’re keen to see what we have been up to in beautifully filtered picture form, then BY GUM you have certainly come to the right place chicas!


week2 week3 week4 week5


  1. This was the start of the dreaded flu and of course, the only way to feel better is to eat ice cream and stock up on the vits. Because cookie dough is known to have many vitamins, fact.
  2. Claire was giving a bright pink Barry M lipstick a whirl, doesn’t her pie hole look delightful?
  3. Claire’s beautiful OOTD (which you can read in full right here) and her amazing quilted leather skirt from Primark. I am quite upset that she has it because I now want it. Biatch.
  4. More food in our lives, this time in the form of meeting snacks. Because a meeting of 6 people warrants this level of sugar.
  5. Meet Claire’s eyebrows, they have been lightened and looking WUVVERLY. Read her post about eyebrow lightening here.
  6. Me and my favourite Jamaican man tshirt, which I pretty much wore for the 4 days that I was ill.
  7. As most of you know, Claire’s a big fan (as am I) of putting other people’s hair on her head – she’s getting her weave redone this week and purchased some new extensions in silver to match her new ‘do.
  8. One of the guys in the office is called Kevin and he made us a cake. He is now called Kevin Bakin.
  9. Claire being both fit and funny, gymming it in her ‘You Can’t Sit With Us’ tshirt (which is from eBay if you’re a keen bean).
  10. My new stiletto nails, which I also got from eBay. They take quite a lot of trimming and filing BUT I LOVE THEM. Unfortunately I can’t do anything with them and am a genuinely useless human being at the moment. I couldn’t even open my soup today.

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