Fashion and Beauty Tips We Can Take From Game of Thrones.

So, Claire and I have a bit of a confession to make. While we are big believers in Fake Tan Thursdays (gotta get ready for the weekend, y’all) and spend far too much of our lives discussing what lipstick to wear, we are secret geeks. I’m an unashamed Lord of the Rings fanatic and Claire has been known to read some George Martin on the commute home from work. Both of us, much like the rest of the world, also like to sit down with a cup of tea and watch a bit of Game of Thrones. Our Thrones evenings are productively spent with me shutting my eyes during the scary bits (go home, white walkers, you are drunk) and wondering when Jon Snow is going to take his top off.

However, we have also noticed that Thrones is actually very informative about life in general. Where else would you learn not to judge a book by it’s cover (we’re looking at you, Khal Drogo, may you rest in peace) and that being an independent woman who owns dragons is ok? With this in mind, we’ve also realised that Thrones can give us some essential fashion and beauty tips to take away from Westeros and apply to our everyday lives.

Whatever anyone says, maxi dresses will never go out of style:

Maxi dresses are pretty much a wardrobe staple these days. They’re on-trend and delightfully ladylike (because nothing quite says ‘I am a lady’ than flashing your ankle at attractive men and wondering if they will be your boyfriends). However, I feel like the simple maxi dress has not been getting the attention it deserves recently. With the rise of the midi dress/skirt, fashionable women everywhere have been wondering whether the time of the maxi dress has ended and if their summer staple has been replaced.

Thankfully, Fashionable Women, Game of Thrones has reminded us that maxi dresses are freakin’ sweet. Whether it’s Daenerys in her (quite frankly) stunning chiffon numbers or Margery in her saucy cut away dresses, we’re reminded that there is literally nothing better than a casual maxi to make life infinitely better.

Daenerys-Targaryen-daenerys-targaryen-28965193-994-1498Image Source

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Putting some effort into your hair makes a world of difference:

Has anyone noticed that pretty much all of the gals at Kings Landing have great hair? No wonder it’s the place everyone wants to be (though I’m not sure that Stannis has the capability for great hair). My general theory is that if you put effort into your hair, the rest will follow. So, take some tips from the girls from Thrones and get some extensions, shine spray and a nice pair of curling irons. Unless you are beyond the Wall. Then you have other things to think about and brushing your hair can take a back seat (don’t worry, Gilly, no judgement).

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Blonde is not always better:

Claire will probably cut me in my sleep for this, but Game of Thrones has definitely taught us that blonde is not necessarily better and they certainly don’t always have more fun. While Daenerys is pretty much the epitome of perfect and her hair cannot be faulted in any way, the other blonde characters leave something to be desired. Cersei in particular has many faults, namely having intimate relations with her brother and being nasty to pretty much everyone. We don’t even need to start on Joffrey, he is just a twisted young fellow who doesn’t give blondes a good name at all.

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Ultimately, the hair colour tips we can take from Thrones is that being ginger is great and will get you many a fine young man (or just one. Named Jon). Having brown hair isn’t too bad either, but what we all should be aiming for is silver.

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Dragons are a great fashion accessory:

Putting the right accessories to an outfit is one of life’s most difficult problems for women. The number of times I’ve had to ask Claire if my giant gold earrings, chunky gold chain and knuckle-duster are too much have been too many (apparently they were too much, who knew). Our pals at Game of Thrones have come up with a brilliant solution. Dragons.

If, like Daenerys, you have accidentally misplaced your clothes in a bonfire, simply perch a few dragons on your shoulder to complete the look. If you’re taking a cruise and are unsure what accessories are ship appropriate, having some dragons nearby will make your outfit truly stand out. Daenerys always looks great and our theory is that it is because she accessorises carefully with her fire-breathing friends. Great style work, HBO!

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Dressing appropriately for the weather is a good idea:

Here in Britain, we are constantly plagued by weather that can’t make up its mind. It may officially be summer, but I’m finding myself having to dig out my winter coats to fight the sob-worthy chill. It may be tempting to shout ‘I JUST DON’T CARE ANYMORE’ and don a crop top and a mini skirt, but Game of Thrones says otherwise. At Kings Landing, the girls get away with skimpier clothes (shoulders, ooo-er) and rightly so because it’s hot. But beyond the Wall, our favourite fashionista Ygritte wears some pretty interesting puffa jackets. While these might look slightly hideous, she is most definitely avoiding frostbite. So ladies, the moral of the story is to put on a coat if it is cold, even if you’re going out and claim that you have your tequila jacket on. Because if winter is coming, then tequila jackets won’t be very much use against our white walker pals, will they?!

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