October Birthday Haul: Marc B, Juicy Couture, Primark, Sleek & More!

Bday Haul AllHi there errybody! I’ve got a few minutes free on the retirement home’s desktop before a rousing mid-afternoon game of backgammon accompanied by a fine glass of sherry awaits me, so thought I’d quickly do a post for all of you young’uns. In case you’re wondering what in the name of all that is holy I’m waffling on about, I am of course referring to the fact that I turned 23 on Friday and am now probably the World’s Oldest Blogger.

I actually had a really nice birthday, despite my mammoth reservations in the run-up to the occasion. The actual day was quite a nice chilled one; I took the day off work to see various family members and friends, shop and eat cake. Then last night I went out for dinner with some of my besty friends, which was inevitably followed by cocktails, spiking our own fishbowls and crap dancing. Superb.

As it was my birthday I received some absolutely amazing presents, which I thought I would share with you all now in the form of a birthday haul post! Some of these were given to me, others were bought with birthday money – all have equal amounts of love attached to them.

Bday Haul 1Marc B ‘Giselle’ Bag in Maroon: Be still my beating heart! I’ve been after a Marc B bag for ages; they’re so sophisticated and classic, yet also retain a fun element with the leopard print lining and gold plaque detailing. I desperately needed a new everyday bag as my Topshop one was literally going bald (damn you, leopard print panel!), so when my dad asked what I wanted for my birthday, this was top of my list. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. It’s also bloody massive – you can see it in its full glory in this OOTD post where you will see that it has basically made me look like even more of a Borrower.

Bday Haul 2Leopard print throw, ear muffs and thermos: my dad sent my sister on a shopping mission to pick up a few more presents for me (I know, how lovely of him! I think he takes pity on me not having a boyfriend so spoils me more as a result) and she oh so wisely picked up an array of leopard print treats. The thermos is a particular fave; tea AND animal print, TOGETHER?! No finer combination of things has ever existed.

Bday Haul ClothesClothes: knowing how dear Primark is to my heart, my sister also picked me out a few bits from there.

Bday Haul 7Viva La Juicy Noir: I’ve loved this since I got the sample version in one of my Glossyboxes and now a full size bottle is mine!

Bday Haul 12Game of Thrones figurine: ’nuff said

Bday Haul 11Makeup: with some birthday money from my momma, I couldn’t resist buying some new makeup. I ordered the Sleek stuff about a week ago, and decided to get the BB Cream in the ‘Fair’ shade to actually match my skin tone (shudder) and a new lipstick in the shade ‘Cherry’. I picked up the Barry M bits in town – I opted for the new matte nail polish in black, the new Natural Glow eyeshadow and blush palette and then because of an offer I got the Lash Vegas mascara for free for spending over £10! I am always a bargain hunter, even when it’s someone else’s money. I also bought this eyebrow pencil from Maybelline.

Bday haul PriBrogues and rings: couldn’t resist popping into Primark and picking up these beauties. I’ve been after some brogues  for ages but have just never really got round to buying some – these were only £12 I think, so it was finally time to actually get some. The stacker rings are a mixture of silver, gold and rose gold so will come in vair handy.

I have to stop writing now because I’m very hungover and need a vat of squash in my system RIGHT NOW. But let me know what you think of this haul!

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  1. Lauren October 6, 2013 / 4:20 pm

    I love your birthday haul, your bag is gorgeous :O and as for the leopard print things, OH MY, I absolutely love leopard print, lucky you!
    Hope you had a lovely birthday though beaut

    Lauren x

    • Claire October 6, 2013 / 7:09 pm

      Yaaay glad to meet another leopard fan 😉 I had a lovely birthday, thank you! xx

  2. Sarah T October 7, 2013 / 12:41 pm

    Lovely haul, looks like you got some amazing presents! I love the other Juicy perfumes so need to try this one out too! X

    • Claire October 7, 2013 / 12:47 pm

      I did indeed, very lucky considering I’m old and haggard and don’t really expect much anymore! The perfume is gorgeous, I’ve loved the other Juicy Couture ones too 🙂 xx

  3. Bethany Worrall October 8, 2013 / 7:23 pm

    I was eyeing up that bag a couple of weeks ago, it is gorgeous!! You got some lovely things!


    • Claire October 8, 2013 / 8:52 pm

      It’s lovely isn’t it, I like most of the Marc B ones though! 🙂 xx

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